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Studio Rental

The California Center for Digital Arts is a large facility that fosters professionalism because it is also a working studio, one that allows students to develop their professional skills in a real-world environment. We are located in a quiet office park within easy reach of useful beach, urban, park and desert shoot locations. Our classrooms mirror our belief in small, hands-on learning environments but our large studio permits several shoots to take place simultaneously.

We have a state-of-the-art print lab, the latest in applications software training materials, professional and advanced instructional tools. Our studio gear includes cutting-edge lights, light modifiers and support equipment used by professionals in the field. We are also just blocks away from coffee shops, theaters, restaurants, parks, and within an hour you can be on a beautiful beach or on top of nearby mountain resorts.

Hire a Photographer

Need to hire a photographer for your next event or project? We can help. The California Center for Digital Arts works with photographers of all skill levels with discount prices designed to fit any budget. Our student and pro photographer members are eager to help and include a wide variety specialties that include weddings, corporate head shots, family photography, product photography, viral/music video production, live entertainment, parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, and more.

Contact us and tell us about your event and we will schedule an opportunity for you to meet with our top photographers.

Fine Art Printing

Our custom fine art printing services are all done in-house or we can coordinate without outside vendors and micro-manage the process for you. We provide you with a hands on approach from start to finish and make guarantee that you love the end result.  Our services includes digital adjustments such as spot removal, cropping, sizing, light retouching and color correction/adjustments for optimal print quality.

Adobe Certification

Undeniably the industry leader in post production applications for photography and digital arts, Adobe products are ubiquitous.  Gain mastery and get Adobe Certified on the most popular photo applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, in our Adobe Workshops.

Adobe certification allows you to demonstrate proficiency in Adobe digital photography tools. Become certified and stand apart from your peers, boost your confidence, and expand your career opportunities.


The CCDA is now offering shared office space to member photographers

It's just one of the many perks of membership. Join today!