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California Center for Digital Arts

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 Photographic Composition gives you the creative eye to make your images stand out and create the strongest images possible. Why is it that two photographers can capture the same subject, sometimes within feet of each other, and one creates a stunning photograph and the other creates a mediocre or worse? The difference—composition!

Course Description

Foundations 106: In this hands-on course with your instructor by your side, students learn the principles of creating photographic compositional techniques and ways to apply them.  In class, students explore fundamental and advanced compositional tools and internalize the designs, a learning method that allows photographers to combine various approaches to create aesthetically strong images.

Just as important, students learn when to abandon compositional rules in order to arrive at unique points of view.

You will learn how to make your images stand out, the focal point and what you want the main point of interest to be. Portray what you want your message to be and learn how to avoid embarrassing mistakes. This course will help you from going from a few ideas to broadening to many options. You will begin to develop a style that you like and this will become yours.  Learning the techniques, options, and choices will  help you with your style. This course is a must to becoming a good photographer.



  • Rule of thirds
  • Framing
  • Using additional compositional elements
  • Breaking the rules
  • Composition for individuals
  • Composition for small groups
  • Composition for landscapes
  • Hands-on practice with classmates



  • DSLR Camera and 1 or more zoom lenses
  • Portable flash unit (recommended)
  • Tripod (recommended)
  • Its better to have taken Basic Digital Photography and After The Auto Mode or demonstrated beginner - intermediate camera skills.


Beginner to Intermediate


Dr. Jose E. Quintanilla M.Photog.CR, CPP, M-PPC
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