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October 13, 2018

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Intro to PS & LR

Intro to Photoshop & Lightroom  gives an introduction to new photographers on using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to organize, correct, and enhance to create incredible final images! Taught by a certified instructor, this course is a 2-hour lecture and demonstration course for anyone looking to learn about Adobe products or how to get started with post processing photoshop and lightroom and how to enhance their images.



Have you been curious about the Adobe Creative Cloud? Wondering what the difference is between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom? Intro to Photoshop & Lightroom teaches Post Processing and  breaks it down with an introduction to why we process our images and how we use Adobe software to both enhance and organize our photos.  This class is a lecture based class showcasing to students the amazing and powerful abilities of using Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom together to both correct and enhance images.

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop is the industry standard for managing, correcting, and manipulating digital images for both newbies and professionals. Learn to use these products together to increase your efficiency, make color and exposure corrections, and create beautifully enhanced images ready for printing or sharing.



Overview of using the Adobe Creative Cloud

Getting photos from the camera to the computer

Why “post process”?

The difference between Lightroom and Photoshop

Using Photoshop and Lightroom together to maximize results

Taking images from the camera to amazing final products

Digital asset management and organization



Bring a notebook and pen for note taking.





Sarah Hovey
Adobe Certified Expert



At the California Center for Digital Arts we offer classes for all levels of Photoshop and Lightroom. Our Photoshop and Lightroom classes are taught by Adobe Certified Experts. Check out our other Photoshop and Lightroom courses and ask about bundle offers.

Intro to  Photoshop and Lightroom

Photoshop 1: Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

Photoshop 2: Creating Composites

Lightroom  1:  Lightroom for Beginners

Lightroom  2: Lightroom for the Intermediate

Lightroom  3: Creating Books and Slideshows

Lightroom  4: Advanced Organization and Workflow