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Foundations Bundle of Basic Photography

Learn all the beginning Basic Photography Classes in our foundations program and advance to a higher level.

Carefully planned, the Foundation classes are numbered from 101-108 so you can take them in an order that is easy to learn, makes sense and a step at a time. The basic photography classes are what you need to be more creative, artistic and have fun.

You not only save hundreds of dollars, but can look at the calendar and choose the dates of the class you like to take.


  • Foundations 101- Beginning Digital Photography
  • Foundations 102- After The Auto Mode
  • Foundations 103- Shooting In Manual Mode
  • Foundations 104- Lighting Basics Outdoor Flash
  • Foundations 105- Lighting Basics Indoor Flash
  • Foundations 106- Composition
  • Foundations 107- Posing Guidelines and Techniques
  • Foundations 108- Intro to Studio Lighting

Everything you need in one low cost hands-on training package!


Save big with this excellent bundle package designed for students who want to master their camera and all the ‘gotta have’ fundamentals to become a skilled and creative photographer.
This is not an online tutorial, or a boring lecture program. These are real-time classes, taught by skilled educators, who are successful photographers across many genres. You will learn in the classroom, in a real working studio, on location, and in each case, there is an instructor by your side to make sure you are developing the skills and creative points of view necessary for photographic success.


Save money on multiple classes by signing up for one of our Bundle Plans - hand-picked workshops bundled together to give you a cohesive learning experience, for one low cost.  All designed to meet your Timeline, Goals, and Budget. Taught at the photography school, California Center for Digital Arts.





Camera and what each class requires


Head instructor: David LaNeve