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Film Camera Class

Film Photography is Alive and Well and not outdated, it is an astonishing art form all on its own. And it's making a great comeback!

There is an age-old argument between photographers – film vs digital. Some swear by film cameras and the rest only use digital cameras. There are only a few who work with both.

Since the dawn of technology brought us digital sensors, film photographers have been swapping their old systems for new.

Were they right in doing so? How is the battle going of film vs digital photography? A better question would be, why are you photographing via digital rather than film?

In the last decade, or even longer, film photography has been making a come back. More and more people are acquiring and digging out their old capture machines to use in our modern, advanced world.

Why is that? Is it similar to the fact that vinyl records still sell more than CDs? What is it with our passion for analogue?

How does a roll of film compare to a digital sensor anyway? Photographers from both disciplines want to know that their image is sharp and of high resolution and quality.

What we do find, are the analogue photographers who work in areas that demand a high-resolution image, tend to use medium or large formats.

These negative sizes are not 35mm like the small format but are much bigger.

Medium format can reach a whopping 18cm x 6cm (other choices include 6cm x 4.5 cm, 6cm x 6cm and 6cm x 7cm) and large format 4″ x 5″ (10.16 cm x 12.7 cm). These will yield a much bigger resolution.

Medium format has the capacity to produce an unfathomable 400 Megapixels. Ironically, it is the digital world which limits this.

  • The benefits of film photograph in your art
  • How film photograph helps you stand out as an artist
  • Its starts a new conversation about your art
  • Types of cameras and which is best for you
  • Types of film and which one will fit your art
  • How to get started as a film photographer
Learn the differences between Digital and Film and see if it is right for you.
David Binnick
David is a film photographer who never made the transition to digital photography.  Come learn from his passion for its purity and beauty and how it can change your art.