1 Day/ 2-1/2 hours
California Center For Digital Arts


Basic Digital Photography 1


Buy now, pick a date and come learn how to use your camera in Basic Digital Photography 1

You’ll learn what all those knobs and dials on your camera do with basic digital photography, go through the basics of camera settings and what settings to use in any lighting condition.

Lets start at the beginning with basic digital photography and master all the fundamentals needed to become the best photographer you can be. Learn the principles that allow you to create stunning images of your family, newborns, special events, vacation travel, and more.

“Hands On, Mentored Learning”. You will learn the foundational principles of photography in a class where you are shown how to use your camera and how to shoot better pictures in this beginning photography class Orange County.


Bring your camera, something to take notes on, and a snack or drink.


Choose a date! If these don't work, give us a call for more available dates.

January 12, 2019   10 AM
January 24, 2019     7 PM
February 5, 2019     7 PM
February 9, 2019    10 AM
February 12, 2019  10 AM