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 Learn and understand your camera’s exposure modes and start shooting in AV/TV Priority Modes

This is the next step in Digital Photography: Learning your camera settings

Foundations 102.  If you've taken a basic camera class and and you would like to advance out of the auto mode you are ready for this fun class! We will teach you how you can be more in control of your camera settings and your photos. This course is about teaching you two modes on your camera to do just that!


This course will teach you about AV / TV Priority Modes. We will go over and learn about each mode and then take a walk in our artist village and practice shooting and  applying  what you have learned.


1st Hour 

  • AV Priority Mode-
    Learn how to select best aperture for controlling your depth of field
  • TV Priority Mode-
    Learn how to select best shutter speed to stop action and control blur. How do you get running water to stop while it flows? Or capturing a speeding car?

2nd Hour

We will go outside and practice, experiment and apply. We will try different settings and combinations to show you the variety of emotions and looks you can get out of your image. This is done by your camera settings in the AV/TV modes. Using  AV/TV  settings in different combinations will achieve the look you want.  What you will learn and leave with in this class,  will give you more control of your camera and what you want out of your images which makes you more confident.

At the end of the course your camera will be your friend and you will be creating images that have a unique visual voice— yours.


  • Camera with manual exposure modes and your favorite lens (DSLR recommended)
  • Extra battery and memory card
  • Camera manual
  • Sun protection and your walking shoes, water bottle


Beginner to Beginner Intermediate

David LaNeve