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About Us

Welcome to the California Center for Digital Arts

The California Center for Digital Arts is more than a collection of useful equipment, studios, classrooms, and top-flight teachers. We are a student resource for beginners, and a source of inspiration for advanced image/video creators developing new, or expanding, visual voices.

  • We offer classes for beginning and professional photographers
  • We offer digital arts classes from certified teachers
  • We offer studio and gallery space for rent and student use

We are a place where students learn to think in visual terms; we ground ourselves in the fundamentals, and revel in those wonderful ‘ah-ha!’ moments when a student grasps concepts that turn into incredible images.

At The Center we personally answer phone calls, welcome you with a handshake and a cup of coffee, and listen to you tell us what you want to know and where you want to go. We feel your struggles but never waver in helping you achieve your goals, and celebrate with you when you shout, “I get it!” We are strangers who quickly become your personal mentors, people who can reach over your hand and move your fingers to the right camera button, push the correct keystroke, or help you flip the correct light switch.

We are teachers, but we are also experience; we are the people and times you will remember every time you squeeze the shutter button, light up a studio, or launch your digital applications in the future.

The California Center for Digital Arts is teacher-owned by individuals who are mentors, by teachers who believe that hands-on learning is the best way to develop skills, and by instructors who believe that an encouraging and supportive environment helps you grow and create.

For Beginners and Advanced Professionals

With Your Schedule in Mind

With respect to the busy schedules of professional and beginning photographers alike, we have many course times to offer.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are working professional photographers and Adobe Certified digital artists with years of teaching experience.

A Community of Artists

We’re more than just a photo school. The CCDA is a community of artists that collaborate, create, and strive to have fun together.

Hands-on Learning

Our professional training programs teach you the skills that you need most, from instructors who are at your side – not on a video tutorial.

Mission Statement

As photography teachers and photography creators, we assert that self-belief comes not out of ego, but out of confidence. Our hands-on, mentored learning methodology is designed to create personal confidence and a deep belief in your own photographic work.

Belief comes from measuring your resources and competences and using them to set your sights on attainable goals, allowing you to internalize a sense of personal growth and expect a high probability of success. The fuel for self-belief is a virtuous cycle of accurately knowing what you are capable of achieving and pursuing your goals with passion.

As educators, we execute our Mission by providing innovative education in a non-competitive, fun learning environment. We support our students’ goals, encourage them to achieve, and mentor to creative strengths while correcting areas that need support. We support a wide range of viewpoints, skills, experiences, ages, and cultures, and encourage diversity of thought and project creation.

We believe in a for-profit education model, one that will drive growth and value for our teacher-owners, staff, and faculty, an economic outcome that allows us to serve our Educational and Social Missions.

The CCDA is now offering shared office space to member photographers It's just one of the many perks of membership. Join today!

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