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Photo Walk: Shooting in AV/TV Priority Modes

Understanding your camera’s exposure modes

Digital Photography - The next step

Foundations 102.  Begin at the beginning and master all the fundamentals needed to become the best photographer you can be. Learn the principles that allow you to create stunning images of your family, newborns, special events, vacation travel, and more by learning more about digital photography and your camera.


Let’s get out there and advance our basic camera skills on location! If you keep finding yourself frustrated by the photos you're getting in auto, it's time to upgrade in our AV / TV Priority Modes class. The first hour is in the classroom, the second hour is out exploring the unique downtown Santa Ana district.

Learn how to choose the mode that will deliver images that you want to create, and explore creative approaches via available light. Have fun with your class colleagues and leave with a strong foundation in basic location camera techniques.


Learn to shoot your camera in manual exposure mode by learning these elements in our 2-hour class:

1st Hour (in classroom)

  • AV Priority Mode-
    Learn how to select best aperture for controlling your depth of field
  • TV Priority Mode-
    Learn how to select best shutter speed to stop action and control blur. How do you get running water to stop while it flows? Or capturing a speeding car?

2nd Hour (out photographing on our walk)

You will learn different settings on your camera and different combinations to achieve the look you want.  What you learn in this class will give you more control of your camera and your images which makes you more confident.


At the end of the course you and your camera will be as one and you will be creating images that have a unique visual voice— yours.


Attendee should be familiar with the basic functions and menus of their camera. Please bring your camera, and notepad. Make sure your battery is fully charged and you have an empty memory card ready to take pictures.

  • Camera with manual exposure modes and your favorite lens (DSLR recommended)
  • Extra battery and memory card
  • Camera manual
  • Sun protection and your walking shoes, water bottle



Beginner to Beginner Intermediate


Christine Lee Smith