Photography Courses

For beginners, hobbyists, and advanced photographers, we provide in-depth hands on training in a comfortable learning environment. Begin where you are and advance to where you want to go with instructors who teach professional level skills and mentor to your creative aspirations.

Photoshop &
Lightroom Courses

Certified Instructors teach these all important post-production tools designed for Photographers. Begin with Lightroom, progress to Photoshop, and then take advantage of our Advanced Photoshop for extraordinary creative skill sets and thinking.

Design Courses

Certified Instructors teach InDesign and Illustrator, two of the most in demand skills in today’s creative marketplace. Develop your skills and learn how to apply creative energy to design and illustration across a broad spectrum of projects.

Travel Workshops

Join our Travel Workshops which take students on once-in-a-lifetime photographic journeys. Designed for learning experiences that are fun, educational, and dedicated to developing photographers with a professional instructor by your side.


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